4 Major Accounting Tips For Business Owners

We understand that business owners are preoccupied with the operational and management activities of their businesses and the last thing they have in their heads is to do the books themselves. But it is also crucial for them to understand the ins and outs of accountancy to ensure that their setup is functioning in the right way. No matter what their educational background is, learning the basics of accounting would help them analyze the profits and the transactions their business has. And if they have a bigger setup, it is important to take the services of an accountant for smooth financial undertakings. Let’s have a look at the 4 major accounting tips for business owners. 

Meet your tax deadlines

This is one of the most important and equally arduous tasks for business owners to comply with. There are few who work from day one to keep their accounts neat and tidy to fulfill the tax requirements and there are others who leave their tax commitment till the eleventh hour, and that’s a nightmare. Extensive paperwork takes time and you are more prone to make mistakes in a rush, and in the worst-case scenarios, your business will face penalties and still have to go through all the rough procedures to file the returns. The best way to meet your text deadlines is to be organized from day one and keep your account updated to save yourself from impromptu tax investigations from the IRS. 

Go Digital 

Technology has completely evolved the way we work. From outdated software to high-speed tech, the businesses have seen a drastic and vital change in their doings. Now you don’t need to bother yourself with extensive bookkeeping and tonnes of paper files, all you have to download an accounting app that would help you record your taxes, incomings, and outgoings in an organized way. With the approaching taxation deadlines, these apps execute the process much efficiently. And you don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate them, they come in handy and features friendly users design to make themselves easy and useful for the users.

Forecast your Business finances 

Making money out of your business? Great!. Want to keep it financially sound in years to come? Make financial projections. A year, three, or five years projections include profit and loss statements and common size analysis of a business that gives you a clear vision of how to use your investments in the future or when to apply for a bank loan. Although making financial projections is a tricky task, you will have a better outcome with the use of accounting software or an accountant himself. 

Hire a professional 

Unless you are a pro in what you do, and you have the time and energy and proficiency to deal with the accounting system of your business, and if you want a hundred feathers in your cap, go ahead. Or if you want to focus your energy on profit gain, the growth, and the market value of your business, leave the accounts for a professional accountant. An accountant job is not only recording bookkeeping or filing taxes but also includes auditing, compiling, presenting budgets and reports, strategize business plans, financial statements, commentaries, and providing tax service planning as per updated legislation, highlighting the risk factors, preparing financial forecasting and negotiating the business deals, etc. so it’s better to hire the services of a professional accountant rather doing everything on your own.

Seven winning titles in the Eurozone

In general, experts prefer Eurozone stocks focused on domestic markets over international ones, with attractive relative valuations (relative p / e near 20-year lows), superior earnings growth and positive impact from the expected strengthening of the currency. European policy uncertainty is also waning and these actions are probably less sensitive to any resurgence of US-China “trade wars”.

On the other hand, among the stocks exposed internationally, those more oriented towards emerging markets (in particular China) are preferred over the United States.

The UK was one of the worst performing markets since the Brexit vote in 2016, resulting in very low valuations for Europe. However, analysts expect strong volatility between now and the end of the year and a high level of risk, which also depends on agreements with the European Union.

In detail, the Eurozone stocks that in their opinion deserve the buy rating are the following.

1) E.ON. Sector: Utilities. The stock, which capitalizes 22.4 billion euros, has a potential upside compared to the target price of 23%. All revenues are generated in continental Europe.

2) Deusche Wohnen. Sector: Real Estate. The stock, which capitalizes 15.9 billion euros, has a potential upside compared to the target price of 17%. All revenues are generated in continental Europe.

3). Gecina. Sector: Real Estate. The stock, which capitalizes 8.4 billion euros, has a potential upside compared to the target price of 19%. All revenues are generated in continental Europe.

4) Vonovia . Sector: Real Estate. The stock, which capitalizes 32.7 billion euros, has a potential upside compared to the target price of 8%. All revenues are generated in continental Europe.

5) Intesa SanPaolo . Sector: Banks. The stock, which capitalizes on € 30.5 billion, has an upside potential compared to the target price of 38%. It generates 97% of revenues in continental Europe.

6) Orange . Tlc sector. The stock, which capitalizes 25.6 billion euros, has a potential upside compared to the target price of 31%. It generates 91% of revenues in continental Europe.

What are Financial News?

Ever since, financial news has the power to change the investment market. Anyone who operates in the finance sector, whether he does it with a account or with a real one, has the obligation to always be updated on every single news or movement.

The image that immediately comes to mind is the one painted in some Hollywood film of a young financial customer who shoots near the stock exchange with the Wall Street Journal under his arm.

In reality something similar happens: perhaps, here in Italy, instead of the Wall Street Journal, we tend to have Il Sole 24 Ore or Milano Finanza . The newspapers par excellence for those who want to know the the and are constantly looking for financial news and news on shares.

So an inseparable combination is that between news and investments: and by a sort of osmosis, each of these factors manages to influence the other, causing direct effects.

Because if those who invest are constantly looking for news, it is equally true that news can influence the investment and online investing market.

Go and make a quick overview of the main journalistic sources in the world in the field of financial news and economic news. Let’s start from Italy.

Obviously, newspapers, media and sites considered reliable will be proposed below. And from this point of view, if we talk about , therefore of Piazza Affari , Milano Finanza inevitably comes first . Also known as MF, it is a biweekly (it comes out Monday and Friday, the two trading days open on the Stock Exchange) born in 1989 to provide a report from the stock market of Piazza Affari.

Another unmissable source for those in Italy who want to have news of economy and finance is the Sole 24 Ore . A well-known Italian business newspaper, the third largest in our country, is owned by Confindustria and was founded in 1865.

Other sources, this time online, reliable and absolutely to be consulted before making investments, are the portal , the official website of the Italian Stock Exchange where all useful information can be found; , a 360-degree compendium of finance news and news of various investments; and obviously the Ansa website , to be updated 24 hours a day on what is happening, in Italy and in the world, in terms of economics and finance.